[Series] Super Hilarious, Very Well Scripted

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This is a heck of a TV series you may have watched. We watched it on Amazon Prime and finished all 18 episodes over the weekend.
It’s a comedy created out of a series of tragedies that keep happening with this middle aged couple in London – so there is a lot of British accent and tea!! There is a lot of swearing (f-word) and explicit sexual conversations which is why I guess it’s not suitable for children to watch.
American marketer Rob is on a business trip to London where he hooks up with an Irish teacher Sharon for a week. Everything is forgotten as Rob returns to the US when, after two months, Sharon drops a bomb over the phone that she’s pregnant. Rob returns to London for good. From there on their lives converge and so does their troubles. From complicated pregnancy to work troubles to crazy parents to relationship issues of their friends, Chris and Fran, troubles just seem to be coming their way all the time – sometimes all together.
The story is very well paced and with so many characters around, it stays interesting throughout. There is also a cultural aspect with an American man setting himself in a British environment and an Irish family. The differences are very subtle but some of them do create moments of humor and awkwardness.
The lead cast, Rob Delaney (playing Rob Norris) and Sharon Horgan (playing Sharon Morris), is also the writing team of the series and the work is great. That possibly explains how they are at ease with their scenes in the series. The expressions (especially the “what the hell is going on????” ones), the dialog delivery, the punches are pretty much spot on. With Rob and Sharon, being originally from the US and the UK respectively also adds the required originality to the story. Another character to watch out for is Fran (played by Ashley Jensen) which is probably the most screwed up after Rob and Sharon in the series. Ashley is great to watch. Her awkward chemistry with Mark Bonnar made it even more interesting with two wildly different personas paired together.
The direction has been quite good. No time wasting on unnecessary melodrama. The scenes have been shot in a quite straightforward manner. However, I’m not sure what thoughtprocess went into creating recap section at the beginning of each episode. The recap has been very jumbled up with events shown not in the same order that they happened earlier and from random previous episodes.
The series is split into three seasons (one each year) of 6 episodes each. Can’t wait for the next season in 2018.
Definitely to be watched!!!


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