Compelling Story Topped with Some Amazing Acting and Great Camerawork

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It was on my watchlist since long and had a chance to watch it finally last weekend. Room is an interesting story of a 5 year old boy’s interpretation of the real world as it comes face to face with it after circumstances force him to be confined into a small room, totally isolated from the outside world, for the first five years of his life. The movie released in 2015.

Story (10/10):
Jack and Ma are being confined into a small room by their abductor who kidnapped Ma before Jack was born. Jack hasn’t seen the real world – for him, there is no real world that exists outside the room – as explained by Ma who protects him from the abductor at all costs. She also makes sure he has everything he needs even within that small space. However, as he turns 5 and his curiosity about the world increases, Ma realizes it’s time to introduce Jack to the world he needs to be a part of. As they implement their escape plan, lead by Jack, he encounters the real world – people, animals, natural phenomena, technology and a lot more. All his notions are challenged at once. The large part of the story is how the relationship between Ma and Jack changes as Jack, now, has a lot of questions for Ma – a little too much to handle for a young mother. However, Jack never gives up on his mother – the only person he trusts blindly in this world – as he slowly adjusts to the real world. While Jack adjusts to the real world, Ma finds herself understanding and adjusting to the new realities, emerged while she was abducted, that adds to her frustration.

Acting (9/10):
Without a doubt, Jacob Tremblay, playing Jack was the star of the movie and pretty much shouldered it. His acting was top notch as a confused lad who is in dilemma of what to believe and what not. Brie Larson had a tough role to play with combination of multiple emotions at once sometimes. She was great to watch. Joan Allen made her presence felt in the supporting cast, playing Ma’s mother and trying to connect with Jack. Some of her scenes with Jack are really touching as she becomes his second confidant after Ma. William Macy, playing Ma’s father, has a very brief role to play compared to Joan Allen.

Direction (9/10):
Lenny Abrahamson excelled at telling a touching and a compelling story. His use of camera in the opening scenes to project claustrophobia was impressive. The movie starts off as a little dark and depressing but it kind of opens up as Jack comes out of “The Room”. While the central focus of the movie was Jack’s association with Ma, Lenny also projected Jack’s association with the room itself which starts from the opening scene and ends in the last scene. What I loved was the way that closure was brought. In addition, while the movie is very emotional, the melodrama has been almost nil – which made it very realistic. Overall, a very impressive effort.

Overall (9/10):
A great movie for a compelling story, topped up with some amazing acting by the lead cast and great camerawork.


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