Great Action, Almost Zero Melodrama, and Great Music Elevate the Movie




After reading great reviews of the movie, we thought to give it a shot and it was totally worth it. While the story is good, the execution by the director has been pretty much spot on. Great action, almost zero melodrama, and great music elevate the movie.

Story (9/10): Baby (yes, it’s a name) has a gift, a passion, and a dream. However, all the three are different which becomes the root cause of all the mess. He has a gift of amazing driving skills, a passion for music and a dream with his girlfriend. However, his gift makes him very much wanted by a crime lord, Doc, in the city, his passion lands him into trouble with the group but his dream is what drives him to constantly seek to leave the world of crime in spite of all the efforts of Doc to pull him back. However, it’s not so easy as he gets into a mission with the criminals that is pretty much set for failure from the word go. Among all this, a couple of pages from his past unfolds as he opens up to his love interest. The story is good and the screenplay even better.

Acting (7/10): Ansel Elgort is reasonably good and got the advantage of being a central character in presence of big guns like Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx. He had his off times during the movie, especially in the intense scenes. His chemistry with Lily James was very good. Kevin Spacey had a rather very comforting role – something he has done multiple times in the past and executed it perfectly. Jamie Foxx with a persona that makes him very much noticeable in any kind of movie and any kind of role, was great in this one again. Jon Hamm is good with Eiza Gonzalez. Overall, the movie had some very good performances from the lead characters.

Direction (8/10): A lot was riding on the direction and Edgar Wright did a good job there. There is hardly ever a boring patch in the movie. The low melodrama, high action, and quick sequences are well shot. The time spent on explaining Baby’s music love and the history behind it was just right. His driving skills though weren’t as amazingly projected as the created perception. The climax was a little bit of drag but otherwise, the movie has been very well directed.

Overall (8/10): Overall, it’s a good movie to give a shot.


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