A Laugh Riot – Very Well Made

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This movie is yet to be released (releasing on 23rd December) but I had a chance to catch a special screening. And, it was totally worth it.

Why Him has a seemingly uninteresting plot of how a girl convinces her father that her boyfriend is perfect for her in spite of him (boyfriend) being way different in almost all the aspects from her and her family. However, it was the execution that makes the movie amazing. I loved the movie from the beginning till the last scene. It makes you laugh like anything.

Story (8/10):
Why Him is a story of a daughter and her boyfriend trying to convince her family, particularly her father, about why her boyfriend is the right choice for her. And this, in spite of poles apart personalities and mannerisms of her family and the boyfriend. However, she is able to explain her choice very logically and, at the end, the family is able to accept her boyfriend.
Quite an uninteresting as well as predictable plot. But the details of the story has been very well written. The story is a lot about a father-daughter relationship as fathers are, generally, very protective of their daughters. Daughters too look up to their fathers as a hero. The writer has blended the relationship dynamics with the generational gap in the thought process very well. While the father belongs to the baby boomer generation that struggles to keep up with today’s tech-savvvy world, daughter is a smart and hard working Stanford graduate who isn’t afraid of taking risks in her life but is also fully aware of what she is getting into. The son is just a teenager but full of ideas about how he can take the family business to new heights. However, he finds his father not really believing in him, largely due to his age. There is also a mother who is trying to balance every thing as she is the only one who understands each of the perspectives very well. It is this conflict of perspectives, and in the midst of it – the out-of-control proposed son-in-law, that creates comedy in every situation. The comedy stays throughout the movie and makes you laugh till the very last scene.

Acting (8/10):
James Franco plays a role of a self-made billionaire in the Silicon Valley but with absolutely no socially-expected mannerisms. He pretty much owned the movie with his brilliant comic timing and expressions. Bryan Cranston, playing the overprotective father, is impressive. Zoey Deutch did a very good job, especially in some of the intense and emotional scenes. Griffin Gluck and Megan Mullally are good too. However, Keegan-Michael Key stands out, playing James Franco’s friend. His comic timing and expressions is very good and some of his scenes with James Franco are bloody hilarious.

Direction (9/10):
The direction is good. Surprisingly, there weren’t any loose ends about the background of the story, which was very good. I guess it worked for John Hamburg that he was the co-writer as well as the director of the movie. His conceptualization of the scenes was really good. He was very efficient with the use of the casting he had.

Overall (8/10):
Overall, I loved the movie. Even with the curse language (which is why the movie is rated R), it is great to watch.


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