Great Story, Acting and Cinematography – Very Positive and Watchable

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Dear Zindagi reminded me of Kal Ho Na Ho a bit, at least with respect to SRK’s role. It’s a very watchable movie. I liked it personally as the movie had a very positive feel about it, even though the execution could have been better. Alia Bhatt has practically shouldered the movie in spite of the presence of King Khan. The cinematography is excellent.

Story (9/10):
A budding cinematographer, Kiara (Alia Bhatt), who is looking for a perfect life and also a soulmate, finds it too much to handle when multiple things go wrong in her life at the same time. Her past, in a way, is also playing a role in how she is handling the present. She finds answers to her questions from Jahangir Khan (SRK), a psychologist with a very unconventional but sorted out approach to life. However, the story goes beyond Kiara’s life to throw some light on how mental health condition is handled in India, especially the taboo around it. Through various characters in Kiara’s family, the story brings to the table various misconceptions around mental health. In addition, the story also focuses on telling how should we handle our relationships and set the expectations according to the other person’s nature and not the nature of the relationship. A beautiful message was woven into a very good movie. Digressing a little, the plight of Alia Bhatt into her family reminded me of Monica Geller from Friends TV show 😉

Acting (8/10):
Alia Bhatt continues to impress with her acting, movie after movie. This would be arguably her third-best performance after Highway and Udta Punjab. Her expressions are spot on. The way she handles emotional scenes is beyond excellent. Even in presence of SRK, she shines. SRK has been good as always. I loved the chemistry between the two characters. However, besides these two, the rest of the actors had a very little screentime to show any good acting. Kunal Kapoor was okay. Ali Zafar, for some reason, was shown way too drunk in all the scenes. Gauri Shinde just made sure that the movie focuses on the principal characters at all times.

Direction (7/10):
The direction has been good but not at the same level as English Vinglish. The build up of the story was a little vague which kept the audience wondering what’s happening. The part with Alia Bhatt and Ali Zafar getting together was also a little unconvincing with the kind of character that was sketched for Alia Bhatt. I would have loved a non-cliched climax but I suppose Gauri Shinde couldn’t resist that. However, with some loopholes in patches, the overall movie was well made.

Overall (8/10):
Overall, it’s a good movie to watch. I loved the story, the acting and the cinematography (something characteristic of Karan Johar’s movies). The direction could have been better but still good enough.


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