Watchable but It Takes Some Patience to Get to Enjoy It

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It should have been Jake’s Visit to the Home for Peculiar Children as Miss Peregrine had a very little role to play in the movie. The movie has a terribly vague first half but once it unwinds the whole story – largely a thriller second half catches up on where it lagged in the first one. It may not be a “must watch” but you will surely enjoy the climax.

Story (8/10):
To be honest, the plot of the movie is really good. I loved a couple concepts like home for peculiar children, time loop and actually “peculiar” powers that the kids had which we haven’t really seen in any of the movies yet. The issue was with the screenplay which was all over the place in the first half. Very vague and at many times we wondered – what’s going on and more than that – why is it going on?? To the extent that I pretty much dozed off. However, the second half is actually good where the whole story unfolds and it explains the entire scene and how the central character, Jake, fits into the entire context. While I understand that the plan was to build a suspense and curiosity in the first half but, at the same time, it cannot be vague as well.

Acting (7/10):
The movie was largely shouldered by Asa Butterfield, playing Jake, and, surprisingly, Ella Purnell, playing one of the peculiar children at Miss Peregrine house. While their pair looked unconventional but their chemistry was great. The acting with all the expressions gave a very real feel to otherwise unconventional situations in the movie. Disappointing was Eva Green, playing the title character, wasn’t so much impressive in the limited screen time she had. And the humor added, wasn’t helping, while the pipe wasn’t really adding anything to the personality projected. On the contrary, Terence Stamp had his presence felt more than her. Samuel Jackson had a good cameo as the antagonist. Judi Dench had pretty forgettable minutes in the movie – almost unnoticed. Overall, the movie does a decent job in the acting department.

Direction (6/10):
Tim Burton does a great job with pretty fresh and young cast. The second half was really where the movie came together and the lead cast had a great role to play there. The length of the movie is just right. However, the editing in the first half is terrible and the parts just don’t connect. On the other hand, the climax was great and picturized well. The way the last fight was showed and the tricks were pretty believable from the children point of view.

Overall (7/10):
The movie is watchable but it takes some patience to get to enjoy the movie.


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