Well-made – Good Animation and Super Score on Cuteness Factor

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Storks is undoubtedly funny and keeps up with the audience attention just enough in spite of an at par performance in pretty much all departments. The movie doesn’t have any wow factor, except for the “baby cuteness”, but I didn’t find it bad either.

Story (7/10):
I’ve heard about this concept for the first time, but apparently, storks, in some mythologies, are associated with baby delivery and that’s what the story is about. In the modern times, though, they have moved away from baby delivery to cell phones. However, in a dramatic turn of events, one of the soon-to-be-boss storks, Junior, is unable to prevent the restart of a baby-making machine by Tulip – the only human at the facility, which creates a baby. Along with Tulip, he has to not just hide it from the rest of the storks at the facility, but also deliver the baby. And in that process, he has to prevent the babies from external enemies as well. I didn’t find the story so exciting but what I liked about it was the screenplay that had good punches – although inexplicable on some occasions. What I also loved the most was some of the innovative stuff with wolves and penguins, which was innovative and great to watch. The characterization of Tulip and establishing her chemistry with Junior was a little tricky but the writer managed to do it pretty much smoothly without making it looked forced. Overall, a pretty neat job by Nicholas Stoller.

Animation (8/10):
The animation is really good, especially the ones on creating various baby faces and expressions. It was pretty much like they poured in all of their energy into that. Also, the work around landscaping and making the entire visual very colorful is great.

Direction (7/10):
The combination of Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland has pulled out quite well. While the former hasn’t had a great run with the movies yet, Doug’s experience with the animation movies seems to have come handy, even though it was a first time for him. The idea of getting wolves creating amazing shapes – totally fitting into the context of the story – and the silent fight with the penguins was great. However, the direction could have improved in the beginning of the movie, which was a little slow and low on momentum.

Overall (7/10):
A well-made movie with good animation and super score on cuteness factor!


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