Baby – One of the Best Trillers of Bollywood


I have watched this movie tens of times and have never got bored of it. “Baby” is one of the best thrillers Bollywood has come up with and clearly Neeraj Pandey nails it when it comes to thrillers. This was his third movie after “A Wednesday” and “Special 26” and each of them raised the bar for the quality of thrillers Bollywood can produce.

Story (10/10):
An elite counter-terrorist unit of India is on a hunt for an international terrorist planning a series of attacks in India and in the process of doing that, they hit a goldmine (metaphorically) which changes everything they had planned for. While the time is running out, they don’t just have to make sure they succeed in their mission but also maintain the covertness of their operation. Perfect recipe for a high adrenaline thriller. The story is written by Neeraj Pandey himself and full marks to him for that. Besides the plot, the screenplay is brilliant with no nonsense melodrama. Even though the movie is on patriotism and counter-terrorist activities, the violence is minimum and the writer focused a lot on planning and execution of the operation without making any noise about it – which is the heart of covert operations.

Acting (10/10):
The casting of the movie was near perfect. Akshay Kumar gave one of his best performances. His voice is perfectly suited for the role and he gave justice to that with his amazing dialog delivery. In addition, other actors like Danny Danzongpa, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon were brilliant as usual. Kay Kay Menon, playing a role of a key terrorist who is brilliant with funds mobilization and planning, should have received a lengthier role, given his acting talent – largely due to his expressions and dialog delivery. I have always loved him watching on screen and he impresses a lot in Baby as well. Rana Daggubati had a crisp role to play and he did it with great panache. Tapsee Pannu’s cameo was amazing and very inspiring. Rasheed Naz, with his role quite close to the international terrorist Hafeez Sayeed, did well enough.

Direction (10/10):
Neeraj Pandey had built a reputation from his earlier movies and he didn’t disappoint at all in “Baby” as well. It’s very difficult to make 2.5hrs+ thriller but Neeraj Pandey makes it like a BOSS. Crisp dialogs, well-written script, brilliantly conceptualized sequences, moderated action and tremendous focus on keeping the story in motion worked well for Neeraj Pandey – something which is the signature of his movies. While Akshay Kumar is the central character, he made sure all other characters receive its due justice too.

Overall (10/10):
Overall, the movie is one of the MUST WATCH movies if you are interested in high-quality thrillers. You must also watch “Special 26” and “A Wednesday” from Neeraj Pandey.


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