Good Plot but Poor Storytelling and Animation

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When we watched the trailer of Kubo, it didn’t inspire so much. However, we thought to give it a shot after reading the IMDB rating. However, now I’m more confident of my judgment based on the trailer. Although it’s less than 2 hours of a movie, we started feeling sleepy after about an hour itself.

Story (5/10):
Kubo is the story of a kid who is trying to find answers regarding his family history. With a mother who is slowly losing her memory, he has more questions than answers about who his father was, why they have to live in hiding, why his grandfather and aunts want to kill him and much more. While the story was good, the screenplay, or if we say the art of storytelling, is where the movie suffered and made it very boring to watch. The characters are dull. His mother is totally lost and lifeless in one scene and extremely lively in another and angry in the next, which just doesn’t make sense. The chemistry between Monkey and Kubo is totally missing. While Kubo has been shown as a boy, his voice (Art Parkinson) and dialogue delivery resemble more to a girl (could have been a better idea if the protagonist was a girl).

Animation (4/10):
The movie reminded me of 90s animation techniques. Hollywood has moved way ahead now. The movie could have done much better with a story around magic and Samurai warriors.

Direction (6/10):
In his directorial debut, Travis Knight impressed in bits and pieces. To begin with, the opening scene of the movie was simply brilliant. The humor from the character of Beetle was good, which made the movie enjoyable to some extent. However, the overall storytelling wasn’t up to the mark – I feel Zootopia, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda (1st) were really good in that. Besides that, some logical mistakes (a small kid doesn’t take on a giant caterpillar holding sword in just one hand) made the mockery of the character. Consistency in characterization was also missing.

Overall (5/10):
Overall, the movie had a very cliche but a good plot. However, it went downhill when it came to executing it. You won’t miss anything in life if you don’t watch this movie.


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