Dum Laga Ke Haisha – Strong Message Woven Around a Very Sweet Love Story

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I have watched this movie several times and just never get bored of it. Dum Laga Ke Haisha brought back the much-needed freshness, and a welcome change, in the Bollywood romantic movies which is largely centered around a six-pack abs actor dancing around a skinny size zero heroine in the ice-clad mountains.

Story (10/10):
Shot in the backdrop of Hindi heartland – Haridwar & Banaras, UP – this movie brings a strong message woven around a very sweet love story. It’s a story of two individuals who aren’t a perfect couple – the boy, practically living a life of nobody, and a girl who, perhaps, doesn’t have the “desirable” physique but is very smart and intelligent – but are still forced into a marriage. While the relationship flourishes initially but soon nosedives. And, in that process, they discover their maturity and what they want from the relationship. Full marks to the writer-director Sharat Katariya for this.

Acting (10/10):
Ayushmann Khurrana might never get the stardom like the Khans and the Kapoors but he is definitely one of those actors never afraid of doing path breaking movies and top them up with amazing natural acting – be it comedy or drama. But here, he gets a good competition from the new girl Bhumi Padnekar who delivers an amazing performance, depicting the struggle of a fat girl in a “white skin – size zero” obsessed society of India. The chemistry between the two is simply great, which is one of the highlights of the movie. However, besides the protagonists, Sanjay Mishra, playing the role of Ayushmann’s father, gives a memorable performance with really good dialog delivery topped up with brilliant comic timing. Some of his dialogs will literally make you ROFL.

Direction (10/10):
The direction is impeccable with moderated melodrama. Wearing two hats of a writer as well as director, Sharat Katariya did make no mistake in either. I loved his ability to use the acting talent he had in hand, beautiful depiction of relationships and crisp scenes. The length of the movie is unusually short for a Bollywood movie but then quality is always more important than quantity.

Overall (10/10):
This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over. For someone in a mood to watch a light romantic movie, your search ends at Dum Laga Ke Haisha.


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