#Throwback: We’re The Millers – Great Entertainment, Light Comedy

We’re the Millers was nowhere on my list till very recently when I came across this in one of the wishlists on IMDB. With an average rating of 7, I knew it could go either way – luckily it went the right way as the movie didn’t disappoint at all.

Story (8/10):
The plot is about how a seasoned drug dealer, with the help of a completely made-up and a dysfunctional family, smuggles in a bountiful of weed into the US from Mexico. With a wife (stripper), son (weird “inexperienced” teenager) and a daughter (runaway teenager), he sets off on a journey where he’ll not only need to escape from the police and the border control but also manage his completely out of sync “family” till he reaches back. While the story is interesting, it is the screenplay that elevates it with brilliant punches, one-liners, and hilarious sequences.

Acting (8/10):
This is the second Jason Sudeikis movie I’ve watched after Mother’s Day, and he is one of the most natural actors I am seeing off late in Hollywood. Apart from him, Will Poulter shined with a more difficult role to play and he did it very well with his amazing expressions. Jennifer Anniston was great with brilliant chemistry with Jason Sudeikis (which is perhaps why they almost paired again in Mother’s Day). Emma Roberts was great to watch in her role as a runaway, self-learned teenager who is probably the most outspoken of the four. The rest of the cast supported the movie well. However, it was largely a Sudeikis movie.

Direction (9/10):
Rawson impresses with the direction. Some of the sequences were very well conceptualized. He brought the best out of the cast and does a commendable job of creating a very light and hilarious movie.

Overall (8/10):
Overall, the movie has a great entertainment value and a definite watch in case you are in a mood a light comedy movie.


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