Good But Doesn’t Live Up to Reputation

Jason Bourne came up with a lot of promise and expectations from the fans. While I haven’t watched all the Bourne movies but the name itself drew me to the theater in the opening weekend without even seeing any reviews. Unfortunately, the excitement it generated through the trailer didn’t survive as I watched this movie.

Story (7/10):
This movie revolves around Jason Bourne’s past, as always, and goes way before he was a part of CIA. The plot had all the material required to make it an amazing script but it was at a transactional level that the story falls flat. When you have a movie on a character that is already four movies old and has very specific behavioral traits, you have a very narrow margin of error. Certain sequences just don’t make sense to be true for an ace spy like Jason Bourne or for an agency like CIA – the London sequence, Jason’s passport, and the final chase.

Acting (7/10):
In the midst of an average story, the movie fared well when it came to acting. Matt Damon doesn’t seem to have lost what it takes to play Jason Bourne. However, the noticeable performance came from Alicia Vikander (playing Heather Lee, the head of the CIA Cyber Ops Division), making her presence felt in an otherwise veteran casting. Vincent Cassel is pretty much angry throughout the movie. For someone like Tommy Lee Jones, his presence is not at all felt except for maybe towards the end.

Direction (6/10):
Paull Greengrass perhaps had too much on his plate playing a role of writer, producer as well as director. With experience around the Bourne series, having directed Supremacy and Ultimatum, he has stuck to the formula but fails at the execution level. Some of the scenes just don’t make sense – be it walking around the city when it is on fire, losing a guy on a sniper or messing with US immigration on a potential system hack. The climax of the movie didn’t inspire much either with an inexplicable background and technical mistakes. Coming to the good part, the length of the movie was just right and not for once, it felt like a drag.

Overall (7/10):
This might be the last movie of the franchise with everything explained now. So, if you are a Bourne fan or love to watch a good action movie, Jason Bourne is just right for you, if you consider it standalone.


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