Promising Story Destroyed by Poor Execution

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Mother’s Day had a very promising story which was ruined by utterly poor execution and a complete waste of acting talent which was loaded due to the casting of the movie.

Story (7/10):
Well, nothing was so much wrong with the story. Four different lives, four different challenges and at some point of time, they cross the paths – and all of it is centered around the hullabaloo of Mother’s Day. They all have their own theories and ideas for the big day but they end up doing almost nothing that they originally thought of – and that’s where teeny tiny bit of the fun lies in the movie.  A well conceptualized story though.

Acting (5/10):
Acting is where this entire movie falls apart in spite of big names like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston. Anniston still seems to be in that “Friends” zone with her dialog delivery. The expressions are off and doesn’t seem to be in the character really, except for last few minutes in the climax. Julia Roberts holds pretty much a flat face throughout the movie. Jason Sudeiki was probably the only saving grace. The rest of the cast makes a decent attempt but aren’t able to lift up the movie.

Direction (4/10):
The direction of the movie is awful. Close to half of the movie misses the flow and the scenes look like stitched together as the director struggles to smoothly transition from one story to another. The screenplay is pathetic and isn’t able to hold the audience more than few seconds. It is only at the end that things come together when the four characters converge. However, the overall execution of the movie “executes” the story. It just looks like the director suddenly realized that Mother’s Day is arriving and he has to release a movie before that.

Overall (5/10):
Poorly executed. Should give it a pass.


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