A Very Refreshing Movie from Disney

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Zootopia promises to entertain you right from the beginning till the end. This is probably one of those rare times when Disney has taken a shot on suspense and it has done brilliantly well on it.

Story (10/10):
Full marks to the story which is probably the most profound story I have seen after Inside Out. Zootopia talks about the struggles of the only bunny cop – Judy Hopps – town has, and the challenges she faces while performing her duties due to various stereotypes. It is very hard to stay put against the disgust and bullying of everyone, which is beautifully depicted through Judy Hopps characterization. The writer has created a complete contrast character, Nick Wilde, a fox, who gives up against those same stereotypes. He, ironically, helps her in solving the case involving mysterious turn of events in the city. The story has very interesting twists and turns almost every now and then which keeps you wondering what will happen next. The other characters like Chief Bogo, Bellweather, Bonnie and Stu Hopps are very well conceptualized where they all are bound by their preconceived notions, ambitions and greed that pretty much is a microcosm of what Zootopia town has been.

Animation (8/10):
The level of animation has been good. The creativity that went behind projecting the city and its various facets is outstanding. Although Hollywood has moved slightly ahead but Zootopia stay puts.

Direction (9/10):
The trio of Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush have done a great job in keeping the story moving and bringing in twists and turns all the time which keeps the audience glued to their seats. Bringing in Shakira for the song, “Try Everything” and the novelty in the end credits is simply brilliant.

Overall (9/10):
Overall, it is a very refreshing movie which brings in something brand new from Disney. A must watch for everyone.


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