Why You Must Watch “Thank You for Smoking”

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It’s an old movie of 2006 (10 years!!) that I am reviewing but thought it would be worth it.
Thank You For Smoking is one movie I feel everyone should watch. And no, it won’t turn you into a smoker.

Story (9/10):
TYFS throws a satirical light on one of the less heard perspectives of the tobacco industry in the whole anti-smoking debate. However, the writer carefully keeps the main plot as a struggle of a father who works for the tobacco industry but still holds his ground in front of his son in spite of a very hostile environment. The conversations between Nick, the protagonist father, and Joey, his son, are profound as well as humorous. As rightly said, if you can defend tobacco, you can do anything. The part on the art of argumentation is inspiring, to say.
Particularly impressive about the story is that all the characters are well defined and have a strong appeal, except may be that of Nick’s wife. However, a strong character sketch of Nick Naylor as a handsome, smart, articulate, unapologetic and persuasive lobbyist lifts the whole story to the next level. The MOD trio just scales the topic of the movie to other similar territories.

Acting (8/10):
Aaron Eckhart has probably given one of his best acting performances in the movie. Though I always imagined De Caprio could have done more justice to this kind of a character. However, Aaron doesn’t disappoint at all. The supporting cast, particularly Camaron Bright, the MOD squad, Holmes, Lowe and Macy do an amazing work.

Direction (9/10):
If the story and the topic makes the movie all so serious – Jason Reitman’s direction and screenplay brings in the much required punch of humor (or we may say, satire) to the movie to make it enjoyable. And he saves the best for the last when Nick Naylor brings to the table what is actually needed for the society in the whole anti-smoking debate. Black comedy can be difficult but Reitman nails it beautifully.

Overall (9/10):
All in all, the movie is a must watch for everyone. One of the best Hollywood movies that you can keep in your collection.