Finally, we have our own Dil Chahta Hai!!

Although quite late to review this, but better late then never. It looks like finally Gujarati movie fans have got Dil Chahta Hai in their language. The movie, from the word go, connects with the audience, and surely commands repeat audience. With three movies doing great in 2015, Gujarati cinema has surely came long way and is set to go, perhaps, international as well.

Story (9/10):
While the plot doesn’t have any novelty in it, but the intricacies of the story has been woven very nicely and presented well. All in all, it is a story of eight college friends and their budding relationships, experiences, mischief and creation of innumerable memories during the college time. It doesn’t feel boring at any time due to multiple sub plots and story juggling between them.

Acting (10/10):
While all of them have played their part well, one person that stands out from the entire lot is Malhar Thakkar. Starting off with less than a minute and unnoticed cameo in Kevi Rite Jaish, this guy made sure he is all over the place in Chello Divas. With brilliant comic timing and wicked expressions, he brings amazing energy to the movie. Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala are a kind of unlikely on-screen couple but share a good chemistry. They are the ones to watch out for in future and would like to see more of them. All other supporting cast has made their presence felt during the movie, and some of them even after the movie. The level of authenticity that the cast has brought to the movie through their dialog delivery and accent, elevated the movie to the next level.

Direction (10/10):
With very less novelty in the plot, it all comes to perfect execution and Krishnadev has nailed it brilliantly. The nuances of Gujarat college life, pranks, jargons etc have been captured very well. The speech in the climax by Janki Bodiwala is very nostalgic and can be played again and again. It just touches your heart.

Overall (10/10):
I might have some biased view for the movie since I would review it more emotionally than objectively. Someone who has not lived a college life in Gujarat might not be able to relate, but for the rest, it just strikes the right chords. The movie is a must watch if you want to relive your college life.


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