Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2: Watch it for brilliant humor and comic timing


Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is a story about three flatmates/friends whose lives are going perfectly going fine till they fall in love with three girls and since then everything they never ever dreamed of, starts happening. It is a sequel to the movie with the same title released in 2011. The plot is exactly the same as the one in the prequel but the movie doesn’t disappoint at all with brilliant dialogs, perfect comic timing.

Story and Screenplay (8/10):
For some, the story might be shouting out loud – misogynist – and may well be exaggerating the male dilemmas of the relationship. However, there wouldn’t be any humor in the movie without that. When the plot and the story doesn’t leave much room for creativity, the only thing directors need is an excellent screenplay. And that’s what the movie boasts off. While there are some dull patches in between but overall, Luv Ranjan, Rahul Mody and Tarun Jain does a great job with some brilliant punches throughout the movie that the audience will remember after walking out of the cinema hall. The amount of thought and detailing that has gone into the seven minute monologue of Kartik Aaryan is beyond imagination!

Acting (7/10):
PKP2 doesn’t boast of any brilliant acting performances. However, all the newbies do well enough to the demand of their roles and thanks to their good comic timing that covers up for expression flaws. However, if there is one person you will miss in the entire movie, it would be Liquid (Divyendu Sharma) who had created a good fan falling after the first movie. While Omkar Kapoor looks sophisticated enough for the character he plays in the movie, he looks too cool (or may be expressionless) to be frustrated, happy, sad or angry with anything. Sunny Singh Nijjar makes a good attempt to replicate Liquid’s level of frustration but misses it by miles. Kartik Aaryan shows some promise in the movie and steals the show with his epic seven minute monologue that tops up his earlier performance. The girls have been given largely similar roles and they respond with largely similar performances.

Direction (8/10):
Luv Ranjan has impressed with his direction in both the movies. Especially, given the challenge with PKP2, he does well in terms of execution of an already told story. The movie relied heavily on the screenplay, humor quotient and the dialogues and that’s where Luv Ranjan directed all his efforts. Climax could have been shorter. For twice or thrice, you feel like its going to get over but it doesn’t. With only four songs, he even saved about 15-20 minutes he had wasted in his earlier movie.

Overall (8/10): 
Overall, PKP2 is a great entertainer if you are fine with some adult comedy. The point of view is exaggerated but that’s where the fun is.


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