Gujjubhai The Great: A Laugh Riot

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Gujjubhai – The Great is an end-to-end Gujarati comedy entertainer starring Siddharth Randeria in the lead and directed by his son, Ishan Randeria. Siddharth Randeria is a big name in Gujarati plays and his “Gujjubhai” series of plays have been enacted hundreds of times in India as well as abroad. Him taking a plunge in Gujarati movies was just a matter of time.

Story and Screenplay (9/10): 
It’s a story about a father trying to make his daughter fall in love with the groom of his choice, thereby creating situations that will bring laugh riot in the theater. While the plot is not so new, the screenplay is brilliant enough to keep the audience engaged. The USP of the movie is dialog. Punches are strong and perfect comic timing of Siddharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi just keeps you laughing long after the dialog is gone. A lot of everyday Gujarati words like “methi maarvi”, “buch vaagi jashe” cannot be translated to any other language and are very much proprietary of Gujarati language which brings the authenticity to the entire set up.

Acting (8/10):
The movie is almost entirely shouldered by Sidhharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi, when it comes to acting. The movie doesn’t boast of any other big names, except for a cameo by Dharmesh Vyas at the end. Siddharth Randeria has already proved his mettle through his plays, so movies is a piece of cake for him. Bhool Bhulaiyaa fame Jimit Trivedi is the ace of spade for Siddharth Randeria who impresses with his dialog delivery, accent and comic timing. The supporting cast is not so much supporting as they struggle with expressions and dialog delivery.

Direction (8/10):
Ishaan Randeria impresses well in his directorial debut. With a plot that is not so innovative, creating a situational comedy that makes audience go hysterical is a very tough task. ‘

Overall (9/10):
Overall, Gujjubhai The Great is an amazing entertainer and a must watch for Gujarati audience looking for some light comedy to enjoy their weekend. It will definitely make your jaws pain at the end of the movie.


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