The Intern: A perfect mood setter, feel good movie!!

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The Intern brings you to the life of a 70 year old who doesn’t want to live an average retired old man routine because he still feels he has music (metaphorically) left in him. So he takes up a senior intern job at an online fashion site with a completely different environment and people than what he has worked all his life. He meets the founder and while working with her, becomes her confidant and mentor.

Story (8/10):
The story is simple and very well knit. It beautifully portrays how a Baby Boomer generation old school veteran brings peace and stability to a Millennial generation woman entrepreneur lost in the crazy and excruciatingly demanding business world. The characters have been well conceptualized and sketched. What is interesting to see is how a rapid fire, anxious, no non-sense, always on top of everything boss (Anne Hathaway) works with a composed, experienced, twice aged intern (Robert De Niro). Some of the scenes really touch your heart, especially the conversations between Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. I won’t reveal it to spill the beans over here. At the end, it leaves you with some food for thought.

Acting (9/10):
With stalwarts like Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, one doesn’t really need to worry much about the acting. The simplicity of the story didn’t demand high levels of acting either. However, Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro does a great job at projecting the aspirations, principles, beliefs and challenges of both the generations on one plate, not just in terms of dialog delivery but also expressions. The supporting cast does a commendable job too with the available screen time.

Nancy Meyers had struggled a little in her earlier movies but have learnt lessons on romantic comedy well and has got it right this time. The Intern is, however, more of a comedy rather than romance. While the plot was quite average, her execution skills elevated the movie to a different level. I like the way she focused on projecting the synergies of two different generations working together rather than the friction which we normally see. This gave the entire movie a very feel good factor. She could have got away with some of the characters which would have kept the movie a little focused but overall a brilliant effort.

Overall (9/10):
I watched this movie on a Saturday morning show and couldn’t have asked for a better and positive start to the weekend. This movie is a mood setter and yes, it does it amazingly well. A definite watch for everyone.


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