Why Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is All Time Best Youthful Movie Ever Made?

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Image Source: Santabanta

There are movies which you can watch even if woken up in the middle of the night. There is whole list which includes Jab We Met, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Shivaji The Boss (O Yes!), Hera Pheri, Bheja Fry, Munnabhai Series and few more. But, for me, the one that takes the cake is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

I am not exactly sure what am I trying to do by writing this but, at this moment, I guess I am just sharing my thoughts on why I think what I think. Besides just out and out entertainer, the movie sends across many messages for the young generation to grab and connects on many occasions with what we experience in real life very often.

Cost of living life on your terms
It takes a lot of courage to live life on your terms. Breaking societal boundaries sounds exciting to think and watch in movies but there is also a price you pay for it which the movie depicted. You can’t see the entire world AND stay with your loved ones at the same time. Similarly, whatever is your dream, there will be a cost attached to it.  And when the dream is not in society’s list of “acceptable dreams” (becoming engineer, doctor, pilot etc), the cost can be higher depending on how far off it is. Your achievement will depend on how much are you ready to pay for it.
Kabir, and more than him his father, knew it quite well. Unfortunately, majority of Indian parents are yet to come to the level of thinking Farooq Sheikh projected in the movie.

Never feel sorry for yourself and start loving for who you are
Naina was never able to realize her courage to come alone on a trek with 25 unknown faces, fight the goons, almost winning the trek, singing Bachchan songs till the time Kabir makes her realize that. We often end up moaning about what we do not have instead of feeling happy about what we have.


A few months back, we had an offsite where there was an activity. Each participant in the offsite was given a spiral notepad. The participant had to write his name on the cover of the book and circulate it in the rest of the group. Each person in the rest of the group had to write 1-2 lines about that participant, anonymously or non-anonymously. At the end, the participants will receive their respective notepads. The filled up notepad had comments, mostly positive, that the participant didn’t knew.
Today’s humans have the habit of comparing their lives with others. In the era of social media where people project/profess the euphoric version of their life so often, this comparison habit can be depressing a lot of times. It is important that we know what is good about us and play to our strengths instead of feeling sorry for our shortcomings, which will take us nowhere.

You are not wrong. You are just different from me
A root cause of lot of discussions turning into arguments is the inability of both the parties to acknowledge that there can be different school of thoughts for a same topic. People are different and these differences emanate from their culture, education, upbringing, hobbies and so many other things. A lot of intolerance, violence and unrest in today’s world can cease if people start accept the fact that there will be people who think differently from you. Lives can be a lot easier if people stop imposing their thoughts on others.

Arrange marriages can transform into love too
In one of the climax scenes, Aditi mentions that before meeting Taran, she was fine. But after meeting him, she realized, she can be happy too. Sometimes, everything becomes fine by spending time with some people.
It’s difficult to say whether today’s generation has failed to understand the concept of arrange marriage or the parents have failed to make today’s generation understand the concept of arrange marriage. It is often seen as a compromise and frowned upon. And a huge majority keeps hunting for their “beloved” out of competition and jealousy for those who have found their love. Failing to do love marriage is often looked upon a failure in life itself.
However, people fail to realize that the process of arrange marriages have evolved a lot today with couples getting good time to evaluate their choice, spend time with each other, know each other better before actually taking the leap. And most of the times, parents are supportive of the decision – yes or no. And if you are absolutely lucky, you won’t stop thanking your parents for the partner they found for you 😉

Enjoy the moment. No matter how hard you try, you will end up missing some or the other thing definitely


A lot of people have the habit of “having it all” even when it might not worth it. We often become so much future focused that we do not realize the present at all. It always good to have a plan but we should always keep some buffer to enjoy the moments as well. And as Naina rightly said, no matter how hard you try, you will end up missing something or the other. So, important is not to worry about things missed but to enjoy what you have in front of you at that point of time. When you crib about things you don’t have, you also belittle the things which you have. Your satisfaction with life is completely in your hands because it is always relative. It depends on with whom you are comparing it with.

True friendships should never have any conditions (Kabir and Aditi)
I guess the statement is very much self explanatory. If the friendship has conditions, it will never stand the test of time.

Memories are like chocolate boxes. Once opened, it doesn’t stop at one piece
Besides the messages, the quote in the beginning of the movie, “Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai … ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge” is something which I, and probably most of us, relate to. How often we stumble upon old albums while searching for something else and then end up spending next half an hour sailing through the photographs.

Item song that wasn’t cheap


Off late, almost every Hindi movie has an item that is centered around alcohol, sex and girls. However, YJHD showed that there can be item numbers which you can enjoy with family as well. However, it is also a fact that no actress in Bollywood can recreate the gracefulness that Madhuri Dixit creates. Pairing up with 15 year younger Ranbir Kapoor, the lyrics of the song perfectly matched up with the cast.

It will possibly take a long time for any movie to balance entertainment and social messages so well. I am probably opening a can of worms here, given the IMDB rating which is sub-optimal but then there is always a possibility to agree to disagree.


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