Brothers – Improvisation of Warrior

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Story and Screenplay (7/10):
It is a story of two brothers turning enemies due circumstances and end up in a face-off at a Mixed Martial Arts competition, where it is a matter of life and death. While the story is highly predictable and quite cliche , the execution has been very good. They made some changes to the flashback story in the Warrior to suit the Indian audience and unlike in Warriors, you don’t see any suspense on the background stories of characters in Brothers. They revealed everything right in the first half and the second half is completely dedicated to the “fight” which this movie is all about.

The Fights (8/10):
So far, not many bollywood movies have had the amount of violence this movie has. The fights is the centrepiece of the movie and it does reasonably well, in spite of having stunt choreographers from the west. When you compare it with Hollywood movies and even some of Akshay Kumar’s own movies like Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, you realize the level of action could have been better. Director puts in some of the technical jargons around fight moves but there is nothing much more than that.

Acting (8/10):
The casting of the movie is where I feel it does better than Warrior. The power packed performances of Akshay Kumar and the “beefy” Siddharth Malhotra provides the much needed steam to the movie. Siddharth might not have the physique of Tom Hardy but his height and voice does a lot of work for him. Akshay Kumar is impeccable with his expressions throughout the movie. However, the movie is a big let down when it comes to other characters like Jackie Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez who are off track when it came to acting and dialog delivery. Kareena Kapoor has no work with the ridiculous unwanted item song.

Direction and Cinematography (6/10):
The plot demanded melodrama and the director, Karan Malhotra, exploits it quite well. He has kept the story relatively simple compared to Warriors, making audience focus only on fights in the second half. However, editing sucks big time as the flashback appears in patches and doesn’t knit well. The entire first half could have been cut down by about 15-20 minutes with proper editing. The movie required an above average camerawork and that’s where it falls flat in the ring. The movie could have done away with all the songs.

Overall (7/10):

Overall, you would enjoy the movie if you haven’t watched Warriors. The movie is well made, especially in the second half. I can’t see a better casting for the movie among the contemporary lot of actors and Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra nails it.


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