Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation: Stunning Visuals, Brilliant Stunts and Amazing Background Score

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Incidentally, I came to know about Rogue Nation only a few days before the release and instantly I checked on to book the tickets. I had watched Ghost Protocol in IMAX and the movie did justice to the IMAX screen through stunning visuals, brilliant stunts and amazing background score. I booked IMAX for Rogue Nation, expecting the same, and it did not disappoint me at all.

Story and Screenplay (8/10): 
The plot takes a teeny tiny leaf from the previous movie and elevates it to build a breathtaking, edge of your seat story that keeps you glued to the screen for the entire 131 minutes. The movie has it all that takes to make an amazing thriller – good action, stunning bike and car chase sequences, betrayals and small surprises that keep coming every now and then. The movie doesn’t use much of special effects that gives a unique and a very real experience while watching those action and chase sequences. The screenplay does good justice to the story. The dialogs have elements of humor, emotions and drama – all that is required.

Acting (9/10):
Tom Cruise is brilliant as ever, pulling off some amazing stunts right from the word GO! He does well in constantly improvising over the benchmark, his performances has set in earlier MI movies. It is a very difficult thing to do, looking at what is happening in other franchises like FF, and Tom Cruise shows how it is done. He doesn’t make it feel ever that he is 52. The supporting cast of Jeremy Reener, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris have played their part beautifully. A special watch out for Rebecca Ferguson who almost steals the show from Tom Cruise in the movie with a very intriguing character sketch.

Direction (9/10):
Christopher McQuarrie does a commendable job in keeping up the benchmark set by the earlier directors in the MI franchise. His choice of locations, the conceptualizing and execution of stunt sequences (the plane one and the underwater one) is brilliant. But what takes the cake is the way he portrays the character of the female lead that does not take a back seat to Cruise at any point of the movie, which is kind of breaking away the stereotype.

Cinematography (8/10): 
The cinematography is great. Some brilliant camera work has gone into the movie, especially during the plane stunt and the bike chase sequence in Morocco. Full marks to Robert Elswit for that.

Overall (8/10): 
The movie loses momentum a bit in the middle but regains it as the climax approaches. Overall, its a good watch and a movie which you would love to keep in your collection.


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